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Powder Pink Aada Jangla Pure Silk Handloom Banarasi Saree

Threads Of Silk & Zari Interlaced To Weave A Regal Semblance Reflecting The Grandeur Of Our Past. Featuring Our Powder Pink Aada Jangla Handcrafted Banarasi Saree Decorated With Eternal Aada Jangla Pattern In Sona Rupa Influences, Adorning A Beautiful Kuniya Paisley In Anchal. 

Weave : Kadhua

Colour : A Mesmerizing Shade Of Powder Pink 

Material : Lustrous Katan Silk Saree

Measurement : 5.5 Meters With 1 Meter Zari Border Blouse

Banarasi sarees for centuries have been a dream for brides. It is an emotion, art and culture that one holds close to its heart. It is also patience and perseverance of the artisans who weaves it with utmost faith.


kadhua – the king of enchanting, inimitable motifs, enlivening & accentuating its handwoven base. Kadhua motifs adorn the saree like an ornate jewellery in true sense. 

The oldest signature banarasi technique of persistence, patience & labour, that allows to create exquisite motifs in different colours & sizes across the body of the saree. Each motif is painstakingly inlaid into the fabric separately leaving no floating threads on the reverse side.

We Understand That Every Type Of Textile Needs To Be Cared For Differently. We Therefore Recommend The Following To Care For Your Handloom.

- Store Your Silk Saree Wrapped In A Cotton Muslin Cloth.

- Store It With Dry Neem Leaves For Keeping It Safe From Moth & Silverfish.

- Embrace Your Saree More Often To Prevent Zari from Tearing In Fold Lines .

- Avoid Direct Contact With Perfume Sprays.

- Dry Clean Only.

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