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A Personal Story - Vandana Singh, Founder Stuti Weaves.

A Personal Story - Vandana Singh, Founder Stuti Weaves.

“In every Stuti creation, an artist is seen”, proclaims the elegant punch line of Stuti Weaves. Every beautiful, handcrafted Banarasi Saree from its looms stands testimony to this belief.

Stuti Weaves is the brainchild of Vandana Singh, a proud flag bearer of Indian tradition. Vandana was born on the 23rd of April 1964, in a Zamindar family in Bihar. She was raised by her grandfather, (Late) Shri Divijay Narayan Singh. Shri Singh was a fervent freedom fighter and was a deeply respected Member of Parliament from 1952 to 1980.

Vandana was deeply influenced by his patriotic values and reverence for Indian culture. She fondly recollects being fascinated by handmade fabrics and artisanal creations as a little girl. She moved to Banaras after her wedding and spent the next several years taking care of her family.

In 2014, Vandana felt she had fulfilled her responsibilities on the home front with aplomb. She had been buying Banarasi sarees from weavers’ clusters like Ramapura and Malti Bagh for years and had often wondered why their wares weren’t selling to full potential. Her keen aesthetic sense and intellect combined with exposure to modern influences enabled her to examine their work with a critical eye. She started sharing suggestions with the weavers’ community on colour corrections and motif styles. That’s when she established Stuti Weaves with a single loom at first.

It gathered rapid momentum as more weavers felt motivated. Vandana instilled among them a renewed sense of pride in their craft. She even managed to bring some weavers who had given up weaving, back into the fold with dignity. Today, Stuti Weaves operates 80 looms at full capacity. The organization has a deep commitment to skill preservation and development. It consistently works towards the financial and economic empowerment of the weavers’ families.

Stuti - A prayer for well-being, harmony and good beginnings. A note of gratitude for the buyer who appreciates the effort, and a quiet acknowledgement for the artist who wove it with incredible passion.

Vandana’s mission to maintain this chain of prayers is stronger than ever with her family joining in!

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